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Vegas’ Call

Inside Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum Johnny Depp John Wayne Me & The Rock Me & George Clooney Me & Siegfried and Roy Me & The Rat Pack Liberace Me & The Blue Man Group Jammin’ 24/7 you wine and dine … Continue reading

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R & R is about to arrive under the guise of Comic Con I’ve planned and schemed to attend this event Saving money and making things like helmets and swords some Zombie blood too For I don’t know who I’ll … Continue reading

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Kick Start Your Dreams.. Maybe

I was perusing Facebook today and saw the big news of the day (or so it seems) potato salad or should I say the making of it, is being funded by Kickstarter! Now the question is: Whom is the joke … Continue reading

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Color Me?

When you’re dealing with bright pink shoes you mustshould find ways to make the color seem less obvious. Two exceptions to this rule are: you’re a clown or you’re color blind. Now I can add a third one: Comic Con! … Continue reading

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Philosophize Me!

Hey There! I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day spent with friends and family and took a few moments to give thanks for our blessings. The Kids decided to see the new X-Men movie Friday night and had … Continue reading

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Thank You Uncle Sam

I often think about why I write, and sometimes I’m reminded of the feeling of accomplishment I get when I share with you. Sometimes I just vent; other times I share my joy and frustration. Well today I share the … Continue reading

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Help Me, Please!

Obi-Wan, how I need you now! I need your strength And Force Your calmness And enlightenment And how you motivate Your sense of self And willingness to sacrifice… So help me Obi-Wan Kenobi. You’re my only hope!

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