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Puppy Love

See the puppy in the window Its nose pressed to the glass I hear a sigh Or do I just imagine What the pup is thinking Brown expressive eyes Stare back at me And I hear a whimper Or am … Continue reading

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Count It Down

Christmas Day has come and gone The new presents put away Fond memories bring joyous smiles And happy times together Now the countdown For The New Year comes – One day closer till the end When Auld Lang Syne is … Continue reading

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Christmas’ Reasons

What does Christmas mean to you? Is it presents and parties or families gathering together to give Thanks for The Child born in the manger? Is it lighting candles to help Santa and the reindeer find their way or lighting … Continue reading

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The Angel

Finally decorating the Christmas tree Seemed wrong to do it before giving thanks For all the problems you helped me solve And all the times you just listened to me Happy memories slowly build To wash away the grief and pain … Continue reading

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Now The New

Oh the Holidays filled with happy memories and sometimes tears But what kind of tears is the question Is it tears for the joy of memories past Or tears for the loss that evokes The loss of family and friends … Continue reading

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Get Over It!

The Eagles recorded a song entitled Get Over It and it was my theme song in 1995.  I slipped on ice in January of that year; broke my ankle, and then spent 8 weeks camped out on my sister’s couch because … Continue reading

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Hidey Hole

Hide away under the Christmas tree Among the colorful presents But remember — Do not tear the presents’ wrapping Or you’ll be banished next year From the tree!  

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