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Little Macy

What type doggie are you Miss Macy Claire? Your tiny paws and curly Soft peach fuzzy hair. Your tiny growl That matches your size. And those beautiful smart Expressive eyes. How big will you grow Miss Macy Claire? Your cute … Continue reading

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Macy Claire

Most fair Little Macy Claire, you stole our hearts with your gentle ways. Not like those others before you who seemed so gentle, but deceived. May your residence be long with your new family Little Miss Macy Claire.                                                            Photos courtesy of Alexa … Continue reading

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Home Again

Home from the road I come In the dark of night. I creep into the house And crawl into bed To not disturb you. I should go To another room, But I’ve missed you So much … You contently sigh … Continue reading

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Dearly Beloved

You are my best friend, but will we stay that way when we are wed? Are we prepared for the good times and the bad for they will surely come? Can we weather the rough seas that will face us? … Continue reading

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