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With Pen In Hand

With pen in hand I sit and wait Wondering what images The Muse will deliver.   Some are bleak And pain me so But I write them anyway.   For in doing so Releases me from Demons I may not … Continue reading

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The Noise Upstairs

The noise upstairs is deafening and causes despair. They’re fighting again.

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Bureaucracy At Work

I hope y’all will give me a cyber pat on the back because I finally finished the requested Social Security disability paperwork. It was quite difficult for me because I just couldn’t find a way to truthfully say, I sit on … Continue reading

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Phone Tag, I Hate You

For the past week I’ve been playing phone tag with a Social Security Rep. You know the scenario, she calls and leaves a message; I call and leave one…  Well all that changed Monday when I called again and left … Continue reading

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Missing Pieces

 My son Bernard (bearded one) with his 1/2 brother Walter during their very first meeting. (Photo courtesy of my wonderful daughter-in-law, Alexa). ——————————————————– There’s a hole in my heart that only you can fill. I’ve known of you for years … Continue reading

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Whew! What a week this had been: “Old Age” sneaking up on me whether I like it or not. It was bad enough to know that I might wind up with macular degeneration due to heredity, but I’d always hoped … Continue reading

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Do I?

I’ve been agonizing over Medicare. You see I turn the Big 65 in July. (Yes I really am a geriatric hippie like I keep saying). Anyway, as I said I’ve been agonizing over this legal requirement. I swore years ago … Continue reading

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