, I Love Ya

I rarely visit Wal-Mart because of the crowds and my limited vision, but there’s one place I can always go day or night and that’s I began visiting the site when I lived in the boondocks. The closest town was 8 miles away and it had a grocery store (which is now closed,) a Dollar General and 2 whole gas stations. 

If I had any serious shopping to do, I could drive into Dothan (as I can now) or visit and wait for my package(s) to arrive.

This neat lightweight vacuum only weighs 7 lbs.

It’s bagless and notice how much it picked up in the hallway and The Kids’ old bedroom. I can’t wait to see what it does in the other rooms.

Here’s a close up of the dirty cylinder.

This vacuum has no built in light and doesn’t stand upright like more expensive models, but it sure is easy to use. I’m so glad I found this! Onward…


About sandrabranum

I'm a philosopher, dreamer, poet, writer -- not necessarily in that order -- and I get to write it all down and share it with the world thanks to the Wonderful World Wide Web!
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10 Responses to, I Love Ya

  1. brittneysanzo says:

    Amazon is the best!

  2. Robert says:

    Happy days 🙂

  3. JL Stratton says:

    What a great deal! I love great deals. I’ve been meaning to ask you a question about your eyesight. How do you manage your blog and other writing with failing vision? I would be interest to know how you cope as I’ve been running into a similar issue, only mine just affects one eye. And finally, would you be willing to give a short interview about coping with vision loss as a writer? I would probably post video on youtube and the transcript on my blog. I’m so amazed at how you’ve kept up your blog through adversity. This is the reason my posting regularity has fallen to zero lately. I finally was given a referral to a doctor that could perform a procedure to correct my vision, only to be told they no longer accepted my Tricare Prime insurance.

    • JL Stratton says:

      Sorry about all the typos. I sent this comment using the very tiny keyboard on my phone.

    • sandrabranum says:

      I do most of my blogging now with my cell phone because it’s so much closer to my eyes. Someone suggested years ago that I wear an eye patch since only my right eye is affected (and I pray it stays that way). I’m sorry to hear about your ins woes. As I discovered with the eye shots I no longer get (due to the cost), you never really know how good your ins is until you need it. Yes you can interview me. I could use the exposure, but be prepared to see my crying on camera. Even after all these years, I can’t always win the “tear fight.” Onward…

  4. Hey Sandra ~
    You go, Girl!
    Rock that sweeper!

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