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Just Me & My Dragon Touch

I previously blogged about my new tablet and how I couldn’t use it because of my bright reflection. Well I still can’t use it, but am slowly learning the quirks of this “so easy a child (or is it caveman) … Continue reading

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Your Samsung TV is listening to your private conversations

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[van id=”tech/2015/02/09/samsung-eavesdropping-tv.hln”] NEW YORK, NY — Be careful what you say in front of your Samsung TV. It’s listening to you. Many Samsung “SmartTVs” come equipped with voice recognition, which allows you to bark commands…

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Reflections Of Me

Sometimes I wish Mom were still alive so I could ask her “eye” questions. As I recall, there were numerous opportunities to have had long talks about vision loss, but since my eyes were ok at the time, I never … Continue reading

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Cordially Yours

This is for you, Mom. ———————————————– When I was young I was constantly teased about being adopted because I was the only family member who disliked chocolate covered cherries. This made present buying (for me) much more difficult because the … Continue reading

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THL Guest Post: Phoenix – 5 simple Ways to Search for Your Soul while Sitting behind Your Computer Screen

What a perfect way to begin a new day.

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Poem : Remember me.

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Remember me… When I am no longer with you, I want you to get back to me. When I stop holding your hand, I want you to reach out to me. When I pretend…

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CDC: Flu shot less effective this year because current flu virus has mutated

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This year’s flu vaccine is not as effective against the current strain of the influenza virus because the virus has mutated, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Wednesday in an advisory to…

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