How To Impress A Script Reader

Gideon makes the work of script writing sound so easy…

Gideon's Screenwriting Tips: Now You're a Screenwriter

Script readers are the initial gatekeepers of screenplays. They are jaded and overworked due to the overabundance of mediocre, derivate and reductive material. Make sure you impress them in the following ways to enhance your chances of your material being referred to the decision makers:


Have something to say. Know exactly what it is. Don’t write for the sake of it, unless it’s for your eyes only. A reader wants to know what is expected of them, thematically. What message does the writer want to convey? Ensure your main concept is singular, clear and well focused. Loose concepts such as crime doesn’t pay won’t cut it anymore. Tighten them up. Before you write your screenplay, write your story intention in one or two paragraphs. Ensure you know what you want to communicate and ensure you’ve chosen the best way to say it.


This might sound obvious…

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