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Heart And Mind

Who are you? I said one day expecting a reply. Who knows? was my heart’s answer to the gnawing question clanging in my head. And how do I find out? I asked myself. And LIVE! was my reply.

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Find Peace: Write Haiku and Senryu

Originally posted on Charlotte Digregorio's Writer's Blog:
I must admit, I am at least somewhat glad the holidays are over. I can get back to my old routine, now. But, because I’m starting a new year, I can…

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Happy new year from

Originally posted on Explaining Science:
Happy new year to all my readers and followers. I hope you have all enjoyed the festive break and that you have some great plans for 2015.  I have taken a short break from blogging,…

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Attention writers: FREE project evaluation! [REBLOG from The New Writers Interface]

Originally posted on Barb Taub:
Mary Rosenblum—best-selling author, editor extraordinaire, instructor at the famous Clarion West Writers Workshop, and Literary Midwife to an ever-expanding group of writers—has made an amazingly generous offer to all you writers out there. Send her…

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Fight on


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TED Talks: Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are

It’s time to do MY Wonder Woman pose. How about you?

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The crucible of Ferguson — and a family it changed

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What A Finish!

A letter we found stuck in our door when we left to pick up the car New Year’s Eve. ——————————————– Tuesday, my son and daughter-in-law left to drive to Dothan to eat with her family. They had car trouble at … Continue reading

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