Five Types Of Plot Twists

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Twist endings are story beats that divert the story logic trajectory and assumptions originally set up in the story. They usually occur towards the end of the story to surprise and entertain audiences by subverting and challenging their expectations of story outcome.

According to Alec Worley there are five key types of such endings:


As its name suggests, this reversal occurs when a character turns out to be someone other than who we thought. This trope is particularly useful in mystery/ detective stories, where the suspect turns out to be the least suspicious character. It’s also found in mistaken identity comedies, such as Mrs. Doubtfire, when the nanny is really the father in disguise. At its core, this reversal is a declaration of authentic self. The mask is removed, the deception uncovered, and a character finally reveals their true essence.


This plot twist reveals the subtextual…

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