The Dream Lives On
Our Dream House

It’s been pretty hectic since we viewed our dream home January 15th. I hope the link I posted for the photos works because I do want to share our excitement with you.

The realtor was very nice and I think a bit surprised at my knowledge, but then I worked for OSHA so I think I’m a bit more knowledgable than others might be. The house is being sold “as is” so if anything comes up later we’ll be paying IF we purchase; so I asked her about the electric and if it was up to code. (The house was built in 1967 and the MBR and den were added in the ’80s so it’s highly unlikely.)

She said that the house could be inspected by an inspector, but I told her unless he was a licensed electrician it’s doubtful he would know if the house was up to code and needed rewiring, and if it did the whole thing would have to be done, which could cost $10,000 or more. The seller had offered $2000 for repairs, but that’s a pittance if you’re facing major structural or interior problems. (Remember the movie “The Money Pit?”)

We love the house and have called an electrician who never called back; so I’m researching to find others in the area. Our loan is not pre-approved because I have to get a “Pension Award Letter” to show proof of retirement income (that’s what happens when you’re an unpaid writer) and Monday is a Federal Holiday (Martin Luther King Jr Day), but I was told I qualify for a USDA loan and our loan officer’s named Lauren (Dad’s name is Loren); so the omens still look hopeful.

The realtor said there were 2 more viewings for the house today, but most folks want new houses, and it’s doubtful they have a large enough family or the 20% down payment. The house has already been on the market for 539 days (cause it’s been waiting for us maybe?)

I haven’t been this excited in quite sometime, but I’m leaving it up to The Lord because if he wants us in the house he’ll put us there. After all that’s how my journey began in 1980 when I first moved to Panama City, FL so long ago, but that’s another story. Onward…

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I'm a philosopher, dreamer, poet, writer -- not necessarily in that order -- and I get to write it all down and share it with the world thanks to the Wonderful World Wide Web!
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6 Responses to The Dream Lives On

  1. Barbara Gambill says:

    Keeping my fingers crossed and hoping you get it if everything works out. Just remember to “Save” me someplace to sleep IF I can ever get down there. Does it have a fenced yard? As you said “IF” it is meant to be It will happen.

    Barb G >>>> The Gad About from Troy, MO.

    • sandrabranum says:

      Gosh Barb, you’ll always have a place. Remember when you couldn’t sleep at home and used to camp out with me and Bernie? Bernie may be all grown up and married now, but I’m ready to camp out if you are…

  2. Best wishes to you, Sandra! Channeling energy to you for a wonderful success story!

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