Racism, Gone With The Wind


Photo courtesy of Yahoo movies.
The Atlanta premier of “Gone With The Wind” was 75 years ago today. Clark Gable was not going to attend because Hattie McDaniel was not being allowed to attend. Ms McDaniel was the one who persuaded Mr Gable to go. Of course Ms McDaniel got the last laugh so to speak when she won an Oscar for her role in this classic movie.

75 years seems like a long time, but to people in Ferguson, MO it’s not. Normally I don’t write about politics, but I feel there’s something wrong with People Magazine naming the Ferguson rioters and looters as #2 on their Top Ten List of 2014.

I’m sure the magazine’s editors weren’t really sending a hate message when they did this, but how are parents supposed to explain to their children that it’s wrong to burn down and steal others property if a national magazine glorifies it?

Is it just me, or should we all be trying harder to get along? We have terrorists throughout the world preying on others (yes in America, too) and yet People Magazine is condoning and possibly enabling this sort of behavior, but I’m sure they don’t mean to do that either.

I wonder if being politically correct these days is more of a detriment to this country than just coming right out and saying that being politically correct in this instance is WRONG!

75 years from now I wonder what we’ll think of the Ferguson riots. Hmmm…

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2 Responses to Racism, Gone With The Wind

  1. Well written and thought out. Good for you. As for People Mag, two words for them and it ain’t Happy Birthday. Best to you, my friend. Have you read any of my nifty nineteen books yet?

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