Space the Final Frontier- but where does it begin?

“Fascinating” as Spock would say raising one eyebrow.

Explaining Science

On 24 October 2014 a senior Google vice president 57 year old Alan Eustace (shown below) broke the world altitude record by jumping from a balloon from an altitude of 135,890 feet (41.4 km). When he was interviewed after he had safely landed he said:

“..It was beautiful. You could see the darkness of space… ”

Alan Eustace

This made me think about what do we actually mean by ‘going into space’? Where does the Earth’s atmosphere end and space begin? This is the purpose of this post – to try and answer this question. Those with good memory for my previous posts may also notice that some of the material in this article appeared in a longer post I published on 24 July about space tourism 🙂

What do we mean by ‘going into space’ ?

This is a question to which there is no hard and fast answer. As we get higher up, the atmosphere gets gradually thinner and thinner…

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