Moonlight, Magnolias And Prejudice

Ah the theater! Who doesn’t like to get all dressed up and go see a live show? That’s what The Kids and moi’ did Thursday Night (October 23).

We all climbed into the car and drove to Dothan’s Cultural Arts Center to see Moonlight And Magnolias which tells the story of the making of the Gone With The Wind movie.

No one really knows what happened when the production was shut down as the script was rewritten and the director replaced, but somehow you just know that the funniest scenes in the play really could have happened.

On the ride home, my wonderful daughter-in-law told me that people were staring at her tattoos and she had felt like leaving. Alexa never said a word after intermission because she knew how much I wanted to see the play. She hardly complained when we discovered how uncomfortable the chairs were as we tried to settle in for the opening scenes to transport us back to Hollywood’s Golden Era.

I was angry when she told me, which in a way seems strange because I too once was prejudiced, but my wonderful Alexa has won me over. It hadn’t been easy: years of hearing how ugly and defiling tattoos were had been pounded into my head, and it wasn’t until she told me the stories explaining her tattoos that I began to understand…

Every tattoo tells a story; because everyone who gets a tattoo does it for some reason: to show off with buddies, to honor someone, to mend or hide something. The list goes on…

So tonight I honor my daughter-in-law by sharing her tattoos and I hope help kick Prejudice in its ass!

A tribute to Alexa’s grandfather.

Alexa got the “B” in 2011 after meeting her future husband (Bernard Jr).

A tribute to her family.

My favorite cause I love the colors, but I still feel pain whenever I look at it.

I think this one sums Life up nicely!

PS My Alexa approves of this message. Onward…


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I'm a philosopher, dreamer, poet, writer -- not necessarily in that order -- and I get to write it all down and share it with the world thanks to the Wonderful World Wide Web!
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2 Responses to Moonlight, Magnolias And Prejudice

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