SLC Comic Con – Day 1

The flight from Atlanta was late leaving the airport due to storms out West. We waited on the Tarmac for over an hour and I got so stiff cramped in that plane seat. We had a 3 hour flight and when I finally had to get up to visit the restroom, I put on a show for the passengers.

First I had to wiggle around to make room for my hips to move through that itty bitty seat space. Then I tried to rise, but didn’t have enough oomph to make it without some help. Lucky for me, the lady sitting in front of me wasn’t sleeping when I pulled on her seat.

The same thing happened when it was time to exit; only I was even stiffer and it took me 3 tries pulling on that lady’s seat to finally rise. The man already in line took pity on me and let me limp off the plane before him. (Thank you Stranger.)

The Airports
Atlanta’s Airport is huge. So huge that they have what they call The Plane Train and when the announcer says, “Hold on.” he’s not kidding.

There are no seats on the train and I’m glad because if I’d sat down I might not have gotten up.

Delta was nice enough to give us the in flight movie for free and began it while we were waiting on the Tarmac. I couldn’t see well enough to plug in my free headset (compliments of Delta). I was glad I didn’t try watching the movie because the captain kept interrupting it to give us updates. The flight was bumpy due to turbulence and I kept trying to cat nap, but kept getting interrupted because I had an aisle seat which is great for getting in and out, but not when the service carts pass by.

Salt Lake City’s airport is not as big as Atlanta’s, but I was so stiff that it sure seemed like it. I passed a spa and drooled over the people getting massages, and how I wished I was one of them! But I had a bag to get because I’d checked mine, and it arrived when I did!

Ground transportation was right next to the bag pickup area; so I lifted my “heavy” bag off the carousel and headed for the taxi stand.

The taxi ride was relaxing as I wiggled around in the seat looking at all the mountain views. It’s about 10 miles from the airport to the hotel and I was glad I took a cab because I didn’t know how long I would’ve waited if I’d taken the shuttle. There was a shuttle unloading when we arrived at the hotel and the bell hop came over and got my bag from the taxi trunk. The cabby was very nice and didn’t try to rush me as I slowly maneuvered out of the back seat.

I got checked into my room and saw the snack area on the way to the elevators. I picked up a drink and had to return to the desk to pay for it. There I was juggling my soda, the room key and my purse as I tried to dig out my wallet. And in that short time I lost the key! It’s probably buried somewhere in my purse but the desk clerk was kind enough to give me another. My Salt Lake adventure had officially begun…



The night view from my room.


The day view from Room 1427. All the celebrities are on the 15th & 16th floors dang it!

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I'm a philosopher, dreamer, poet, writer -- not necessarily in that order -- and I get to write it all down and share it with the world thanks to the Wonderful World Wide Web!
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