15 To Go


I don’t know if you can tell from this photo, but there are still 15 SLC Comic Con guests to be announced and I get more excited each day! My heart was racing so fast yesterday, I had to sit and do deep breathing exercises! It’s been awhile since I felt this way, and it’s a good thing because I need to practice controlling my stress now or Lord help me when I fly out Sept 3!

I haven’t gone to Wal-Mart yet, but I did drive to Rose’s Discount Store in Ozark (AL) today and spent about $35.00. I didn’t find shoes, but Wednesday is Senior Discount Day and it’s 10% off everything us Seniors purchase, and I didn’t have to show an ID to prove my age! I wish I could’ve found more things, but can’t complain.


This is my new pjs. If you look closely you’ll notice I can wear the top at Comic Con. When I saw them I just couldn’t resist. And they’ll go nicely with my pink shoes. Speaking of pink shoes, I found the coolest baseball cap to help keep the sun off me if I decide to venture to the mall which is .4 miles from my hotel. If all goes well I’ll arrive at the airport about 4:30 pm local time and then I’ll have to get transportation to the hotel. My research indicates it’ll cost at least $25.00 to take a cab which I hate, but my vision’s not that good for me to be traipsing around in unfamiliar surroundings. (Yes sometimes I do get resentful, but…)


My son let me “use” his and Alexa’s chest to take this photo and he just informed me that the cap’s a cheetah print; so NO Alexa you can’t have it cause it’s going to Comic Con with me!

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4 Responses to 15 To Go

  1. allskyedout says:

    This sounds like a really Awesome event. I’ve been to Rose’s before …. great store! Walmart has everything so I’m sure you’ll find what you need. I hope you get to be a Comic Con guest.

    Dana Guidera
    Author of Twenty-Two Poems from Life

    • sandrabranum says:

      Thanks Dana. Friday (7/24) was the deadline to submit SLCC press pass requests. I was tempted, but Luck’s been on my side so far and I’m hoping it’ll continue.

  2. fhhakansson says:

    I’ve always wanted to go to a Comic Con. There was on in Manchester just a few weeks ago but all online tickets were sold out and when the weekend came I complete forgot about (even though it’s a 5 min walk from where I live)! Shame on me really.

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