Slowly Moving Along



Forgive me if these photos are duplicates. You see I’m slowly learning how to use this I-phone. As you can see from the photos my packing is almost finished and April 22 is moving day.

The new apt has a pool on site which I’m so looking forward to using. Once The Kids and I move in together, I’ll have access to my car which will make me feel better.

It’s been tough on us with Alexa working different shifts and needing my car. I had the car for the past 2 days and had to return it today. I drove it back earlier than needed because I was afraid of falling asleep and forgetting to return it.

The hard part was packing more stuff when I got home, but you can see the results.

Meanwhile The Universe is toying with me. You see I’ve been following The Salt Lake City Comic Con FanX on Facebook which began today. Well Monday I received a notice that I had won a free pass to FanX! Now if I could just do this again for their Sept. Comic Con… Onward.

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I'm a philosopher, dreamer, poet, writer -- not necessarily in that order -- and I get to write it all down and share it with the world thanks to the Wonderful World Wide Web!
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4 Responses to Slowly Moving Along

  1. Bongo says:

    I love swimming! Can I come jump in your pool. Good luck with moving day.

  2. JL Stratton says:

    Best of luck with moving. Sorry about the car situation. But, you know, It’s always good to have family close by.

    • sandrabranum says:

      I feel better already. We got the stuff moved with the U-Haul Tues, and spent most of yesterday unpacking treasures. Today was a little goofing off and unpacking. We spent some time sitting on the patio and it was so quiet and peaceful. Alexa said it felt like a hotel (which I love). Then we stolled to the pool and they played in the water while I almost catnapped on a lounger. I tell ya, it doesn’t get much better than than this, which is exactly what I told The Kids.

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