Weekend Begone

What a weekend!  Friday I lost most of the electricity here in my apartment.  Only 2 electric outlets were working in the whole apartment and they were in the bedroom.  I went knocking on a neighbor’s door and found out about a maintenance man living here in the apartment complex; so I crossed the courtyard and knocked on his door.  He told me he didn’t work for the owner anymore; so I thanked him and went home to bundle up for the long, cold night since I would have no heat due to the electric problem.

The maintenance man was knocking on my door about 10 minutes later because he was concerned I would have no heat.  He fiddled with the fuse box and said a fuse was burned out and he didn’t have access to the fuses because he had no key for the office door.  That’s when I called The Kids and asked if Bernie could drive to Wal-Mart and buy some fuses for me.  Then Alexa said they would come over and get me and I could do my laundry and spend the night.

So I started washing around 11 PM and finished around 5 AM. Before The Kids went upstairs for bed they set Netflix on Magnum P.I. and I got to watch 2 whole episodes of my hero, but then I couldn’t get the controller to continue so I shut off the tv.

Saturday morning Bernie and I went to Ace Hardware as soon as they opened and I bought fuses.  Bernie came home with me and he replaced the burned fuse, but that didn’t fix the problem; so I took him home and waited for the maintenance man to come.  He returned and tinkered with the fuse box, but couldn’t fix the problem; so I had to wait for an electrician.  The electrician arrived about 3:30 PM and started tinkering with the fuse box.  He soon discovered that the wires were loose inside the box and began tightening them.  You should have seen the sparks fly!  Every time he stuck his finger into the box and moved the wires more sparks shot from the box.  He spent about a half hour tightening the wires and fixed the problem.

While the repairmen worked here in my apartment, my bickering neighbors fought.  All day long they yelled at each other and pushed each other into the furniture.  The maintenance man told me he told the owner about their fighting.  Later — when the electrician was here — they were even louder!

Well tonight (Jan 5) they started again: yelling and shoving each other around; so I yelled “Cut it out or I’m calling the cops!”  Then I heard her yell “I’m gonna get my gun and shoot you!”  I think she was yelling at him, but who knows so it’s time for me to make another complaint to the owner and hopefully they’ll soon be gone.  I hope they can find another place, but knowing she has a gun is the last straw because they’re volatile enough without adding a gun to the equation.

About sandrabranum

I'm a philosopher, dreamer, poet, writer -- not necessarily in that order -- and I get to write it all down and share it with the world thanks to the Wonderful World Wide Web!
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