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Yes Virginia, I Can Drive At Night

Tuesday night (Dec. 16) was a very scary night for me and my family.  My wonderful daughter-in-law, Alexa had visited a friend and was driving home when she hit a log in the road on N231 between Midland City, AL … Continue reading

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What A Lovely Gift

  My blogging friend,  Tazein Mirza Saad who has the uplifting blog  has nominated me for some awards and I am so thrilled and humbled.   Tazein hasn’t been feeling too well; so I know you all will wish … Continue reading

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Simple Decorating Solutions

I blogged before about how I took a pillow case and made it into a wall decoration when I first moved into this apartment.  Well today I got tired of stuffing a towel in front of my living room door and had one … Continue reading

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Simple Joys

Happy memories flood my thoughts as I sit in my car awaiting my laundry to finish. Why does this evoke happy memories, you ask? Because I choose to make it so. What is the point of dreading such things when … Continue reading

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It’s Vegas, Baby

Got a very happy surprise yesterday:  a phone call from my friend who lives in Las Vegas.  We spoke for almost 2 hours and it was great catching up with her.  We met while we worked in St. Louis at General American … Continue reading

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Spoil Me, No!

Spoil me no longer you pesky phone for I am too complacent. It’s been too easy to reach for you, anytime day or night to play games or peruse Facebook. Now I force myself to leave the room; you plugged … Continue reading

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We look at the news And get depressed Wondering about the future But faith Pulls us through To another day As the cycle starts again Over and over This goes on Until we are no more And we leave ourselves … Continue reading

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