An apology too late

How do you treat YOUR family?

Sharmishtha Basu's

I was young, naïve, selfish too
Too busy in my own hole
Failed to see your pain
Or ask the right questions
That may have brought some change
I wonder what crossed your mind
When you dwelled alone in Brindaban
Alone, un-cared for, on charity doled out
While your brothers thrived
In the zamindari built by your forefathers too
Did you cursed them, us?
Or did your eyes filled up with tear
When thought about the joys you had shared
With those brothers long ago
But let me tell you probably you were right
To walk away from selfish hearts
For the one that stayed behind
Paid with her sanity and her life
Heaven only knows what drove her insane
Loneliness, pain, insecurity or betrayal
When she set herself ablaze
In your father’s heartless mansion.

Satyameva jayate- only truth will be victorious

Sharmishtha basu

We are quite rich, we…

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