Yes Virginia, I Can Drive At Night

Tuesday night (Dec. 16) was a very scary night for me and my family.  My wonderful daughter-in-law, Alexa had visited a friend and was driving home when she hit a log in the road on N231 between Midland City, AL and Ozark.  She called me to tell me she needed me to pick up Bernie who was running along their street heading for the Shell Station on the corner of 231 and Andrews St. in Ozark.  The first thing I did when I hung up was say a silent prayer as I headed to the bathroom (which anyone who’s going to brave the cold should do).  Anyway their car’s in the shop — waiting for the 2 new aluminum coated wheels that had to be ordered from the Ford Dealer.  We hope the tires on the passenger’s side are ok, but won’t know until the wheels are replaced.  So Merry Christmas Kids for the next 5 years and Thank you God that no one was hurt!


Collision Thoughts

Left the car

and looked at the pancake tires

and broken wheels.

Whew!  What a ride

pulling off the road

after plowing into

that giant log

hidden in the road’s shadows.

Man it’s cold out here

and my teeth chatter

as I wait for the tow truck

to whisk my poor car

in for repairs…

But we are all safe

and that’s all that

really matters.

About sandrabranum

I'm a philosopher, dreamer, poet, writer -- not necessarily in that order -- and I get to write it all down and share it with the world thanks to the Wonderful World Wide Web!
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9 Responses to Yes Virginia, I Can Drive At Night

  1. pilbra says:

    Made me smile its so hot here send some cold down here, we have had 2 days at over 40 deg C. Glad you are all safe

  2. Wow, glad you’re all okay, Sandy! Wishing you a wonderful holiday, too!

  3. Thank God no one was hurt!

  4. Barbara E. Gambill says:

    Been here done that and surely is no fun. Remembering the time Tom and I were coming back from Crystal City and in the dead of an ice storm. Wind hit the side of Tom’s truck and sent us spinning in a circle on North bound 55 . Long story short we ended up off the side of the highway down in the rough as they say. Nearly missed getting hit by a semi and just missed hitting an older couple in a fancy Cadillac. Cracked the rear axle and after some help from passerbys managed to get it back up on the road and I drove it limping down the side of the road backwards facing on coming traffic till we got to the Hurculaneum exit. Had to call a tow truck to get it and us back to St. Louis. Thank God I was driving or we would not be here today as Tom says to this day he could not have controlled it once we went into the spin.
    Oh, and if we would have slipped another 50 feet we would have gone down a hill onto railroad tracks under 55. The good lord was with us that day.
    Take care .
    The Gad About from St. Louis >>>who is not Gading about much any more.
    Barb G

    • sandrabranum says:

      Yeh I know what you mean. Reminds me of the time Dad was driving us (Mom, me and him) down to FL. We hit an icy patch in Hopkinsville, KY and skidded off the road on the opposite side; down the embankment and thank God got stopped at a 90 degree angle by a big rock before the car had a chance to roll. I had to climb up (like in the movies) to get my door open because Mom wasn’t strong enough to open hers and Dad’s was blocked by the huge rock. And people wonder why I moved down South! Miss you.

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