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What to say…

Originally posted on ahhh_poetry:
What do you say to someone, who knows he’s dying. Something that won’t seem trivial, insignificant or trite. Is it possible to say something that if for only one second, it would make them smile,…

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Year 3

Fall has always been a rough time for me ever since Mom died in 2002.  Add to that my new dysfunctional neighbors and you have what I will refer to as a very maudlin mix.  I began this blog 3 … Continue reading

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Sneaking veggies into desert…kid certified, it’s delish!

Originally posted on Sunny Sleevez:
I came up with this delicious, nutritious & best of all easy snack when my  formally “voracious-veggie-eating” toddler decided that all fruit and veg, in any form were “‘scustulous” and “hateable” and not to be tolerated!…

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Certain Dog Breeds Do Need Sun Protection – Does Your Pooch Make The List?

Originally posted on Sunny Sleevez:
Cooling Off We love our pets; we buy special foods, lots of healthy treats and of course shower them with fun toys. I take my pups everywhere I go and though I am always prepared…

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I Did, I Did

Bam!  Bam!  Bam!  Three strikes on the wall with my fist.  What a way to start a Sunday, but that’s what happened.  You see I have new neighbors next to me and they are very young and volatile.  I don’t … Continue reading

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Little Miss Moody

Little Miss Moody, how do you do? You asked the doctor for help with your view askew. Are the pills helping? It’s too soon to tell For you spend your time sleeping Oblivious to all.

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Pill Brigade

Pill bottles align my dresser Ready to do battle With what ails me The doctor says It must be so Or my ails will win But he doesn’t tell me how To squeeze All these little chronic soldiers Into my … Continue reading

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