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Twisted Regrets

Well here I am once again wishing and hoping and all that stuff.  You see Sept 27 – 29 in Atlanta, GA my cousin, Lynn Lowry, along with a bunch of other well known horror folks, will be at the … Continue reading

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Oh to be young again and frolic like before. Ignorant of fear and pain and filled with constant joy. No cause to be filled with regret For none I’ve lived thus far Pure joy for possibilities and filled with strife … Continue reading

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Where There Be None

Originally posted on Reowr:
When you see no roads before you And hopelessness begun, Keep marching forward stubbornly With hope where there be none. When hope has flown too far to reach And pain you can’t outrun, Breathe in the…

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Eve of Destruction – Barry McGuire

Just HAD to share this because it’s more relevant now than when it was recorded.

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Originally posted on Baydreamer:
The storm was grueling I wasn’t sure I’d get out alive even following the aftermath I didn’t think I’d survive The physical blows didn’t cut as deep as the verbal fumes bruises became darker leaving my…

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Be Gone!

Frustration Trepidation And what if fears Tumble inside my head These annoying scenarios Cause much grief and pain Pain for The Freedom I’ve lost Grief for the hesitation And false prison it evokes For to break this cycle I must … Continue reading

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We sat before the TV Glued to the horror Displayed before us Over and over The same heart wrenching scene As the Twin Towers fell Over and over Again and again Tears streamed down our faces As terror engulfed This … Continue reading

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