Judge Dredd & Me

Judge Dredd:  I am the law!

It began as such an ordinary day, that is until someone was banging on my door.  You see The Kids (Bernie & Alexa: my son and daughter-in-law) had found a townhouse close to her work and were going to move.  I had been fighting (and losing) the battle of the emotions as reflected by two previous posts.

When I got to the door no one was there so I called Alexa to see if she was the one banging and that’s where this story really begins.

Alexa said that the apartment manager/owner’s assistant had accused them of stealing!  And that they couldn’t move without giving a 30 day notice even though these apartments are extended stay.  Then she started asking questions about me, and Alexa said I had nothing to do with their move.  (We live in different apartments, and I’m not moving now (but may later if I get hasseled.)

The assistant left and later that day she spoke to Alexa again and told her she was going to tell the owner that she talked with me regarding repairs to my apartment.  This angered me and I dictated this text (Aug. 28) for Alexa to type and send me a copy:

At about 10:30 this morning someone banged on my door and by the time I got to the door no one was there. Later today I was told by Alexa Branum that your assistant was going to tell you that she had contacted me about apartment repairs. The lease says 24 hour notice to get into the apartment. Banging on my door does NOT equal notification! You have my number for contact purposes and now you have this text message from Alexa Branum per me  Sandra Branum.

C/c Sandra Branum

About an hour later Bernie called and said to come over now!  Alexa was on the phone talking to a deputy sheriff because the assistant said she was coming over to do a walk through and if we refused her, she would call the cops.  Once Alexa explained everything to the deputy and told him the rent was paid up to Sept 1 and that the lease agreement says 24 hour notice (in writing).  The deputy said the assistant would be violating their rights; so Alexa called her back and told her what the deputy said.  Meanwhile I still have not been contacted (except for the loud door banging) since all this began.

Today I was on guard duty to ensure no one would come and lock the doors while the kids moved.  We found out the owner is in Miami and that the assistant is renewing tenant’s leases and that nobody ever gets their deposit back from this slumlord!  (Also there’s a petition on Craigslist for tenants who were not given deposit refunds so this owner can be taken to court:  so many signatures are needed before it can be filed.)  Can’t wait for them to contact me (finally) about repairs and a new lease agreement because to paraphrase Judge Dredd:  I know the law!

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I'm a philosopher, dreamer, poet, writer -- not necessarily in that order -- and I get to write it all down and share it with the world thanks to the Wonderful World Wide Web!
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