Celebrating Black Cats!

Don’t let daughter-in-law Alexa’s black cat Loki read this. He already thinks he’s royalty!

Dogpaddling Through Life

Today is Black Cat Appreciation Day!

The day was dreamed up by Wayne Morris (yay, Wayne!) to honor his sister and her beloved black cat. The purpose of the day is to celebrate black cats and to dispel some of the stereotypes of black cats being bad luck.

Some cultures believe black cats bring good luck. The Japanese believe black cats bring good luck. Scottish culture says that if a stray black cat comes to your home, it brings with it good luck to the household. And ancient Egyptian cultures treated black cats as royalty.

Others, though, think black cats are bad luck. Gamblers believe that if a black cat crosses your path on the way to gamble, it’s a sign you should not go. And Pilgrim settlers of the US saw any old woman with a black cat as a witch, If the villagers decided she was bringing bad…

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