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Squashed Pancakes

Sour milk, flour and sliced squash all together mixed Sugar and cinnamon added for flavor Something’s missing but who knows what? Gooey consistency’s just too much Left over cornflakes that’s the kicker Looks pretty good needs to be thicker Add … Continue reading

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Be in the moment for it will not last And time makes memories fade — not always for the better Bask in the glory of those happy moments And cherish them For time causes changes and sometimes pain And those … Continue reading

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Memory Lane

Come walk with me down Memory Lane I hope it brings you smiles and no pain. For it’s good to stroll from time to time where our memories dwell. It helps to cement our view of where we’ve been And … Continue reading

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Happy Early Birthday To Us!

My niece Nikole posted photos on Facebook which I was lucky enough to load onto my blog.  I’m holding Feisty Dog who I have written about on several occasions.  Young Nikole is sitting next to me and Mom, Dad & … Continue reading

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Ode To The Sun

Oh shining ball of yellow or is it orange today? Where for art thou because this blackness outside my window causes me much trepidation and hesitation. For I must hurry and trek out into the fray lest my resolve desert … Continue reading

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Poem – Blogging on hope

This poem is so beautiful I just had to share it.

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View Askew

The world is affected by effects of control unwarranted or not. A gun is a weapon or deterrent tool when used in someone’s hands. Cause and effect create Chaos or Utopia depending on The View. Can we cut to the … Continue reading

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