Less Is More?

Birmingham (AL’s) Sidewalk Film Festival recently announced their festival schedule.  You can get more information at  http://sidewalkfest.com   This year the festival runs the weekend of August 23 – 25.  I don’t know if I’ll be going because of my eye problems, but I went to Sidewalk’s website and viewed the trailers.

Tiny http://tiny-themovie.com/  is a documentary about downsizing your home and I can relate to that.  You see my first memories are of me living in a 2 bedroom apartment in the back of a church building.  We lived there for 22 years and then Mom & Dad sold the building to a church group who then changed it into apartments while they bought another building to use for their church!

After selling 565 Mildred Ave. (Sis & I called it 565) Dad bought a small house (supposedly for Mom) because he was afraid of not having a roof over his head.  He had driven Mom to Tallahassee, FL to be with Sis, and had continued to Sarasota, FL to drop off Aunt Helen’s car and then fly back to St. Louis.  While visiting with his sister, he mentioned selling 565 and somehow that evening he and Aunt Helen — without consulting Mom — decided he would buy 408 Mildred Ave.  He wrote Aunt Helen a check that night and  later told Mom.  Mom was livid; she was looking forward to traveling (and maybe even room service) and living in a apartment until they decided together what they would do.  So much for plans…

I don’t know if Mom ever got her dream house.  She never really talked that much about the stupid stuff Dad did in the name of love, but one day she talked about their 1st home — a small house in the elite section of town — that Dad had sold in order to buy the Old Baptist Church Building (565) because he couldn’t bear the thought of the building no longer being a church after the congregation built their new building.   (Ironic, isn’t it?)  She told me many years later to not settle;  that as long as I was working and paying my own way to save my money and get whatever I wanted and that’s what I’ve been doing ever since.

The Old Baptist Church bldg  where Sis & I grew up

The Old Baptist Church bldg where Sis & I grew up

See the window next to the chimney:  That's the 2 bedroom apt where we lived.

See the window next to the chimney: That’s the 2 bedroom apt where we lived..

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2 Responses to Less Is More?

  1. Carla says:

    I remember that place, very well. Hope all is well with you. Hugs!

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