Side Walk 1, Me 0

My shin after colliding with the curb.  I knew my depth perception was changing, but this was completely unexpected.  And as if that weren’t enough I also had to fight the hysteria and nausea after cleaning up my leg.    The apartment complex has high curbs which is why I rarely use the back door, except when getting out of the car to go inside or take in groceries.  Yesterday was the exception because my son, Bernie, was helping me with replacing the car antenna.

A truck came around the circle drive and I was busy watching it as I stepped up onto the curb.  Next thing I knew I was falling and what I was carrying was flying through the air.  My thoughts were: Oh God, my glasses!  Bernie sprinted to my aid and tried to pull me up so fast that I lost my balance and sobbed.  He gently let me sit back down on the curb and struggle to regain my composure and squelch the fear that was engulfing me.

I sat there for only a few minutes as tears streamed down my cheeks.   I knew I couldn’t sit there long or I might never leave the house again; so I told my little hero to help me up and went straight to his bathroom where I stayed until I was sick from crying.  Bernie returned to working on the car because he couldn’t stand to see me hysterical, but some things just can’t be helped.

Once I was calm I told him I had to go home, and limped toward his back door as my stomach churned.  I told him I had to hurry and get home or I might never leave the apartment again!   Then once inside my sanctuary I spent the rest of the evening dividing my time between deep breathing exercises for my nausea and tissues for my eyes and nose.

I have often spoken to people about “backwards blessings” as I call them and this tale is a perfect example of what I mean.  I could have broken my glasses or something else due to my miscalculation, but instead lost some time and tears to my constant “fear fight” battle and I got another story to share with y’all.  Life is good … and sometimes scary.  Onward…

About sandrabranum

I'm a philosopher, dreamer, poet, writer -- not necessarily in that order -- and I get to write it all down and share it with the world thanks to the Wonderful World Wide Web!
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