Carla & Elvis

Carla singing with Rev. Keith Ital.

Carla singing with Rev. Keith Ital.

My son and I were late arriving at Carla & Ray’s Benefit Concert because we went to the American Legion instead of the Dupo VFW.  When we arrived Rev. Keith Ital was performing.  Rev. Ital is the pastor of the North Williford Baptist Church in Harrisburg, IL.  All I can say is I sure wish he’d been my pastor when I was little!  I don’t know how the Southern Baptists here in The Bible Belt would feel about his Elvis impersonating, but I think it’s fantastic.  I believe that anything that gets you to read The Bible is good and think both God and Elvis would be pleased; so keep up the good work “Elvis!”

My cousin Carla is my 2nd cousin, but in my family we never much cared about such things.  (Also it was very time consuming to try to figure out who was where in the family tree — we were little, ok?)  I had never heard her sing before.  Mom & Dad used to go and hear her sing, but my schedule never seemed to concur with hers when she lived in Cahokia, IL.  Actually I never even knew when she left to sing professionally.  She has a deep, husky voice and reminds me of Cher.  I hope to post more photos and if I’m lucky get some videos posted too.Carla with Keith1

Carla with Keith Ital, Elvis Impersonator

Carla with Keith Ital, Elvis Impersonator

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