Money Makes The World Go Round

These are my 1040 Instruction booklets.  Notice the differences?

These are my 1040 Instruction booklets. Notice the differences?

I usually don’t get involved in politics, but have been reading about the sequester and the FaceBook comments regarding it.  Well today I got a major surprise regarding the Goverment and IRS forms.  You see, back in February — right after I got my 1099R for my Civil Service retirement — I drove around looking for Income Tax forms and 3 different local libraries had the forms, but not the 1040 Instructions.  I went online (which was difficult because of my sporadic WI-FI) and attempted to download the instructions, but could not.  I putz around for a few weeks returning to the local library, and finally called the IRS toll free number and requested  1040 Instructions.  (I must use the 1040 because of my government retirement, and would anyway because of my unpaid writing career.)

It took quite awhile for me to compile all the records I kept throughout the year, and when I finally started filling out the forms I messed them up.  Now IF I had been smart enough to get extra forms, messing them up would not have been a problem, but as you’ve probably surmised, I did not.  So today I returned to the library to get more forms, and while there I picked up a 1040 Instruction booklet.  Imagine my surprise when I got home and realized it was different from the one received from the IRS!  Now I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but notice the difference in the photo.  The booklet on the right is the one from the  IRS.  Do you notice the differences?  “We the People” is  clearly readable (not smudged); the flag is also not smudged, and there is no reference to Schedule C instructions, etc which are the ones I needed.  So much for getting proper instructions from the IRS.  I’m keeping both books just in case I get an audit notice regarding my tax refund.  Who knows, perhaps the lack of proper instructions may be helpful after all.  Onward…

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7 Responses to Money Makes The World Go Round

  1. JL Stratton says:

    We haven’t done our taxes yet. We’re scared. We’re scared of what kind of surprises we’ll find this year. Of course, we will probably use our turbotax program, or go to someone. After being given the impression through numerous speeches from our President promising that average middle-class Americans would not see their taxes increase by “one penny, period” we were surprised to find our first pay stubs of the new year mission just about one one dollars – that’s a two hundred dollar difference each month. Where did these extra fees come from? Well, I guess so it wouldn’t be an all out lie, the increase was found in our medicare and social security withholdings. Now our family faces furlough, where we lose one day of pay per week and have been told we will not be off the same day each week and cannot go out and get a part-time job to make up the difference. Yep. gotta love Government. Oh, and one last thing. Where, you might ask, did that money go that we lost? While we’ve been on a pay freeze and hiring freeze for four years in my civil service job, those receiving social security and welfare benefits saw an increase in their entitlements. coincidence?

  2. sandrabranum says:

    You need to see a professional because of your book sales. I hope you’ve been keeping good records; there have been glitches with TurboTax and H & R Block software. I can still do my own taxes because I have no income (yet) from writing, but hope that will change this year. Don’t wait too long in case you have to pay. Meanwhile Happy Writing on your “days off!”

  3. barbtaub says:

    After we moved to England (yes, I know a normal person would have checked out this s**t ahead of time) we discovered that the US of God-bless-America is the only place that double-taxes you for foreign earnings. So if a miracle happens and I ever do earn money writing, I will only be able to keep about twenty-cents on the dollar.

  4. Jack Curtis says:

    Well, may or may not help with forms and instructions but it will keep you busy for quite a while finding that out…

    The next IRS income tax form is said to be a postcard, very simple, with only two lines to fill in.
    1. State your Income:
    2. Send it in…

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