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Creative Apartment Decorating

I promised you photos of my apartment decorating and was finally able to get some loaded.   This first one is a wall decoration that is created from my favorite sheet set.  This photo is the twin pillow case displayed … Continue reading

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My Pad

Well I’m in my 2nd month living in Ozark, AL and am slowly getting used to the changes.  There seems to be crime here, but I’m sure it’s not as bad as Dothan.  I moved from the boondocks where there … Continue reading

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Perserverence Pays Off!

Yippee! Started January, 2013 with my dose of black-eyed peas for good luck. I’ve done this since 2003 right after Mom died. Yes, you’re right I am superstitious, but really believe in Karma so I do everything within reason to … Continue reading

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Quiet Time

Quiet time begins the year where bliss and drinking was before. Quiet time shields from harsh reality as the memories of last year are cherished or suppressed for reasons known only to the self. Quiet time comes in fleeting moments … Continue reading

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