My “Clean” Car

Notice my shirt sleeve; imagine how my poor roof looked!

Notice my shirt sleeve; imagine how my poor roof looked!

Today I finally decided to clean the crud off my station wagon’s roof.  The filth was due to the feral cats running around the trailer in Haleburg, AL where I used to live with my ex-mother-in-law.  I lost count how many cats she had.  It all began over 2 years ago when a pregnant white female showed up and Jo fed her.  Eventually there were enough cats to stage a road revival of the musical if these varmints could sing and dance.   They loved my car (probably because of it’s flat roof) and I spent many aggravating hours chasing them off it, but naturally they left behind many paw print mementos for all my trouble.

 The last time I’d washed my car, the only way to get it clean was to use the pressure wand and force the pressure to spray away the crud.  Unfortunately that didn’t work for the roof because I couldn’t get close enough to get the leverage I needed; so the roof looked horrid while the rest of the car looked clean and even glistened in the sun.

 Today that changed!  I carried outside: my el cheapo plastic step stool, a small plastic container filled with water and a dollop of liquid laundry detergent (you know what I mean:  what’s left over when you finally use all you can get into the washer) and one of those nylon scrubbers.  I knew my liquid laundry detergent would not remove the car paint because it didn’t have any bleach alternative in it and it wasn’t Tide or one of those fancy detergents.  It was just the el cheapo, dollar store brand, but it worked!  It took a lot of brute finger strength and now my fingers and shoulders are so sore, but you can see gold color on that roof and not black.  Now I can go to the car wash and finally wash my poor little gold station wagon.  Take that mangy CATS!

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I'm a philosopher, dreamer, poet, writer -- not necessarily in that order -- and I get to write it all down and share it with the world thanks to the Wonderful World Wide Web!
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5 Responses to My “Clean” Car

  1. Thank you for opting to try the digital amulet on my site.  The statue is built on a spiritual power spot that has been featured by several magazines. Let me know if you notice some improvement in your life.

  2. I reread my post and noticed I was not too clear about the use of the amulet. One has to copy, upload it on one’s smart phone and make a wish.

  3. Barbara Gambill says:

    Good for you Sandy. Finally got the crud off your roof and now it might drive lighter(LOL). Just kidding. I know what you mean by the Dang Ferrel cats. You know I am NOT a cat person but good ole Tom keeps feeding them and now we have more than when you were here . Wish I had my BB gun. They are under the trailer and yes camping out on top of my Van. GGGGRRRR!!!! Wish they had some one up here that could trap the buggers. Oh well at least you are now free of them. Take care .

    Barb Gambill-The gad about in Missouri.

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