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Don’t Touch My Hair!

I promised y’all I would blog about why I don’t like my hair touched, and decided today’s a good day to do it since I’m reminiscing again.  You see my maternal Aunt Ginnie was a beautician.  When Sis and I were … Continue reading

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Mr. Sammo

He invaded my life the day he climbed into my car. This mangy black and tan puppy  who was thirsty and starved for food and affection. Our bond was sealed that day as I drove him home to our new … Continue reading

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Climate Change

The climate wavers from cold to hot as seasons decide whether or not to change though change is inevitable the climate disagrees and hopes to spring right into winter from summer but falls like the failing leaves to hang onto … Continue reading

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AOL, How Are Ya?

It’s so comforting to know that I’m once again working on my old Dell laptop.  It’s been unusable for about a month due to AOL not supporting AOL 8.  You can imagine how difficult it was for me not being able … Continue reading

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10/11/12 Nonet

10/11/12 was such a day — special for its number sequence and for the plumber’s visit; for the septic tank drain and for our relief when all is done toilets work! We use… Yeah!

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Ha Ha I Won!

I bought a new “made in China” toilet seat over the weekend that was supposed to be a standard fit size.  I was so excited when I got home because I really needed a new seat, but the screws were square … Continue reading

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Haiku Observations Of Life

 The Toilet Seat Toilet seats should fit Not slide back and forth on you Oh if it were true!   Windfall Mailbox shows I’m rich! Envelopes have bogus checks Should have known better.

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