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Ode To Youth

Oh to be young once more and frolic as I did so long ago But achy joints and crippled knee keep me from my revelry Clouded eyes I do surmise have added to my woe And sometimes it just plain … Continue reading

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Aah to awaken in the night and struggle to regain the plight of what your imagination saw or heard. Deep in the wallows of your mind when Consciousness and Universe combine to replay Truth so divine In the darkness of … Continue reading

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Today words fail me so in my room I hide And struggle to overcome the fear that prevails. Will this spell be broken so that I can once again regain my place upon life’s slippery slope Or am I doomed … Continue reading

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Path Sounds

I hear the lawn mower sputtering outside as it struggles through the tall grass cutting away at a path Much like my soul toils to find its way sputtering and crying as it creates a path, but to what — … Continue reading

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Can I Hear A WAAAAH!

Well the results for the movie trailer contest are in, and once again I did not win.  Yeh you’re right; I was sad for a while and yes I even sniffled for a while, but now it’s back to work! … Continue reading

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View Askew

My eyes visit the Amsler Grid everyday. To see how my sight or lack thereof is progressing. Will the lines be wavy or missing altogether? Afraid — I am to see…

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In Dreams

At night I venture into the wild and run with the horses. It’s hard to keep up with their galloping hooves but in dreams I can do anything.   Once I was with Superman and liked that dream so much … Continue reading

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