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Path Sounds

I hear the lawn mower sputtering outside as it struggles through the tall grass cutting away at a path Much like my soul toils to find its way sputtering and crying as it creates a path, but to what — … Continue reading

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Can I Hear A WAAAAH!

Well the results for the movie trailer contest are in, and once again I did not win.  Yeh you’re right; I was sad for a while and yes I even sniffled for a while, but now it’s back to work! … Continue reading

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View Askew

My eyes visit the Amsler Grid everyday. To see how my sight or lack thereof is progressing. Will the lines be wavy or missing altogether? Afraid — I am to see…

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In Dreams

At night I venture into the wild and run with the horses. It’s hard to keep up with their galloping hooves but in dreams I can do anything.   Once I was with Superman and liked that dream so much … Continue reading

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Spam Me, Please

Things are progressing slowly for my blog and me, but that’s ok because I want to create a cyber presence that will be remembered.  How do I keep track of the progress, you ask?  It’s very simple:  I gauge the … Continue reading

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Lucky Me

Sunlight shines on streaks of gray and makes my hair look frosted How lucky I am… Long hair frames my face and hides the vertical canyons of my cheeks How lucky I am… Stores now have scooters I can drive … Continue reading

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A Step Away

August 2 is Mom’s birthday and I dedicate this poem to her and Dad and smile as I remember them dancing around the living room to the sounds of the record player. Love and miss ya, Me  A Step Away … Continue reading

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