I Wanna “Woot” Beer!

“I wanna ‘woot beer!'” was one of Mom and Dad’s favorite lines from moi’.  They thought it was so cute that I could not properly pronounce the “R” sound.  That is, until I had to have Speech Therapy in grade school.  You can imagine my embarrassment when the other students laughed at me while I was reading.

When my son was little, he also had a similar problem.  The “TH” sound was his nemesis, but I was prepared.  When he called our neighbor, “Marfa,” I sat him down and told him my story about speech therapy and told him that if he didn’t want the kids laughing at him he needed to trust me and listen.  We started his speech lessons. 

I showed him how to hold his tongue to make the different sounds.  And we practiced… He got so sick of making “T” and “TH” sounds, but he learned.  He never had to have speech therapy, and later in high school I used the same techniques to teach him how to “roll his ‘R’s” for Spanish class.


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I'm a philosopher, dreamer, poet, writer -- not necessarily in that order -- and I get to write it all down and share it with the world thanks to the Wonderful World Wide Web!
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7 Responses to I Wanna “Woot” Beer!

  1. JL Stratton says:

    Memories. Sweet memories.

  2. Bongo says:

    I think I need some of your lessons. I never did learn how to roll my R’s..

    • sandrabranum says:

      It’s really simple. Just start clicking your tongue against the roof of your mouth to get used to the movement. Then sort of add a growl and click your tongue at the same time. Since you already know how to growl that part should be easy and as you know — practice makes purfect. Give me a “RRRRRRRRRRRR!”

  3. Wonderful memories, Sandra, and I love “woot” beer! Since this was written on 3/1, I’m assuming all is well! I hope so! 🙂

    • sandrabranum says:

      I’m slowly recovering from my shot and psyching up to write about it. This doctor gives shots in the afternoon, which makes it painful at bedtime because that’s about the time the novacain wears off. I like him much better, but wish I could meld the 2 doctors together because then I think I would have the perfect retinologist.

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