Oh What A Night!

The Gold Statues have been handed to the winners.  The Red Carpet has been trampled and now the media is recapping the event, but something is missing.

Reverend Mother Dolores Hart is missing from the morning newsfeed.  Don’t misunderstand I think that all the actors were honored to have been nominated, but I think more should be said about the wonderful actress — now nun — who walked last night’s Red Carpet.

You may wonder why I feel this way; it’s because I remember her films:  Where the Boys Are, Come Fly With Me and the wonderful Lisa with Stephen Boyd.  I remember seeing Lisa at the movies, and it haunted me.  It’s the story of a Jewish woman who survived a concentration camp and with Stephen Boyd’s help tries to enter Israel. 

It was great to see Dolores Hart back in Hollywood after all these years, and to discover that her documentary God Is Bigger Than Elvis will be aired on HBO April 5, but I wish the media would talk more about her and her beliefs.  In this age of people turning their backs on Religion, it’s gratifying to see someone who believes that God truly is bigger than Elvis.

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2 Responses to Oh What A Night!

  1. JL Stratton says:

    Well, thanks to your post, I now know who Delores Hart is. It’s true that, in this age, religion, and specifically, Christianity, is frowned upon by media and others. I’m so surprised to learn that our Government supports removing the phrase “Under God” from our pledge of allegiance but quickly apologizes to another country for accidentally destroying The Kuran, instead of demanding their apologizing for killing our American citizens and soldiers stationed there to support them and their apparent desire to break free from the evil clutches of the Taliban.

    Oops, did I really go there? Sorry, today, I just feel like ranting.

    • sandrabranum says:

      I completely understand. I usually don’t write about Religion, but was annoyed that Dolores Hart was not mentioned more. I think it’s disgusting the way The Media plays up all these current talentless celebrities, and ignores older accomplished actors and actresses. Every article I read about the Reverend Mother talked about her kissing Elvis, which I don’t really think is a proper way to refer to someone who gave up all the glitz and glamour for God. Can’t wait to see her documentary on HBO. Wish I could find the Lisa DVD, but now it probably wouldn’t be considered “politically correct” since it deals with The Holocaust.

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