Rejected Work

I thought it was about time I was brave and shared some of my rejected work with you, my fellow bloggers.  Open Wide is already posted on my website, but it’s one of my favorites; so I thought I’d share it with you again.

Open Wide

 “Open wide” said Dr. Smythe as he turned on the light attached to what appeared to be a miner’s hardhat.  “Just as I suspected, I’ll have to fill those molars and sharpen those canine teeth; or you won’t be able to hunt.”

 “How much will it cost?”  I asked; concerned because I had heard this specialist was very expensive.

 “Oh just an arm and a leg” he chortled; amused at his sly wit as he reached for the long steel file.  “We’ll do the canines first; so you can hunt.  Remember now, an arm and a leg … young and juicy.”

 He began to grind my teeth.  It hurt like hell, but I knew the moon would be full in two days and he would expect full payment.  Suddenly he began to sing:  Whistle while you work! And I knew that an arm and a leg would not be enough.

 submitted 4/13/10 to


Haikus submitted to 4/16/11

Waiting by river

As I search inside for me

Found only water



beach is destroyed

tourists sick in hospital

season disasterous



Red eye in mirror

Caused by doctor’s needle

But now I can see



Look at blank paper

Imagine a great story

Now get to work



Wanted to be Star

But had no experience

So ventured onto stage





About sandrabranum

I'm a philosopher, dreamer, poet, writer -- not necessarily in that order -- and I get to write it all down and share it with the world thanks to the Wonderful World Wide Web!
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6 Responses to Rejected Work

  1. These are all wonderful, Sandra, and I’m sure you know that many well known authors were rejected numerous times before their big win! So, write on (as some famous blogger would say) and keep up the momentum and your time will come! 🙂 xx

  2. Bongo says:

    You never know. The next place you submit these may accept them.

  3. Wanted to be a star … is my favourite, but they’re all great. I do love haikus, there’s something about being restricted that makes them – not easier, always – but, interesting to right.

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