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The Red Eye

I peer out the window of the Red Eye into the bright sun. I gaze at my watch. The face incessantly blinks 12:00 on and off on and off. I open my eyes and face the clock that incessantly blinks … Continue reading

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Run on with the kite. Watch it dip/bank in the wind. Priceless moments shared.

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Even Though

This poem was inspired by my novelist friend, Lisa Taylor. I loved you enough to be brave and carry you to term Even though my parents said:  “How could you do this to us?” Even though my parents said:  “What … Continue reading

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This poem was inspired by the writings of Warriorpoetess.  I hope you like it as much as I do her poetry. She smiled at me through crooked teeth and made me wonder: Why can’t I Smile? Has my existence become … Continue reading

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To be a philosopher is hard work if you take philosophizing seriously. Of course you could just be opinionated and not have a clue as to what is really going on around you. Or you could be a Socrates in … Continue reading

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Are we different you and I? I think not. Your skin is brown and so is mine, but mine are called freckles. Your hair is kinky, but mine is too when it’s permed. You laugh and joke as do I. … Continue reading

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Dream On

Our dreams have eluded us more times than we care to mention at this time. So we find other ways to recapture our dreams — or find new ones.

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