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This poem was inspired by the writings of Warriorpoetess.  I hope you like it as much as I do her poetry. She smiled at me through crooked teeth and made me wonder: Why can’t I Smile? Has my existence become … Continue reading

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To be a philosopher is hard work if you take philosophizing seriously. Of course you could just be opinionated and not have a clue as to what is really going on around you. Or you could be a Socrates in … Continue reading

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Are we different you and I? I think not. Your skin is brown and so is mine, but mine are called freckles. Your hair is kinky, but mine is too when it’s permed. You laugh and joke as do I. … Continue reading

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Dream On

Our dreams have eluded us more times than we care to mention at this time. So we find other ways to recapture our dreams — or find new ones.

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I Cry

I cry:  for the starving children. I cry:  for the loss of loved ones. I cry:  for the fear consumes me. And then I write: To make you think…

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I too must pay my dues                                                               So I can sing My Song Just like Barry Manilow. Or perhaps it’s Neil Whose words inspire me so To sally forth to conquer All my doubts and fears And “let me sing my song.” … Continue reading

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“Poetry Words” Haiku

Profound wisdom words Mined from depths of poets’ souls To share and learn from…

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The Painted Desert

Painted colors look out-of-place In the midst of all this sand. Yet here they are Displayed in this painted desert. Red, orange and pink colors With a dappling of blue, gray and lavender Parade before visitors’ eyes. Nature’s handiwork at … Continue reading

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TGFC (Thank God For Computers)

Well it’s research time for me again.  You see I just got a lead on a poetry anthology about The Grand Canyon.  I saw that majestic crevice in the ’70s when I was flying to Las Vegas to visit a … Continue reading

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This haiku is dedicated to my blogging friend Bongo and his owner. Noah had his big ark With all the animals stuffed inside… Forty days and forty nights?

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