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Fight On

It’s been a week since I got my last eye shot and I’ve been fighting myself ever since — fighting the fear and depression — and the knowledge that this is the best it will ever be. I know from … Continue reading

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Vision Quest

I struggle through the tears and pain of my shots. It hurts more than usual this denizen I suffer to improve my vision. I need more light now than ever to check the knawing fear inside — And the voice … Continue reading

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I thought it up so late last night while pixilated and full of fright this Witching Hour has inspired my fate to quibble and argue now of what it is to come to this junction in my life and decide … Continue reading

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I have this short script that I’ve been working on since July.  I thought I was finished with it, but lying in bed this beautiful morning I realized I’m not.  You see My Muse has struck again and told me that I … Continue reading

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Stifled tears disrupt my day I know not why There was once a time I could not cry No matter what I  did But those days are now forever gone Replaced by sobs and tears And purses stuffed with toilet … Continue reading

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Sorry I don’t wear my mask the way you want me to. Sorry it disturbs you so to see the real me when everyone surrounding you is phoney — Or so it seems. Could it be it’s you who is … Continue reading

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Phoney Dad

Everyone thought he was so wonderful- this Dad of mine. But they never saw his dark side. They never saw the dad who berated my sister and I Or beat us with ropes Or sneaked into our room during the … Continue reading

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