Wanted: Navigator

I am missing out on so much these days because of my eyes.  I’m not bitter — just annoyed at my fear — or perhaps I’m really being overly cautious and I just don’t realize it.

Since Thanksgiving, I’ve missed out on two invitations to visit with my cousin and his family in Ellijay, GA.  I’ve never been to Ellijay and would love to go, but my last two short driving trips were pretty exciting because I can’t see that well thanks to my wet type macular degeneration.  I’ve had five or six shots in my right eye —  since last July — to keep this scary condition at bay; so you can see why I’ve finally lost count. 

Anyway, you can understand why I’m a little apprehensive about driving anywhere where I don’t know exactly where I’m going.  On my last two trips I had a navigator — my soon-to-be-wed son, and even then we had difficulty because he kept falling asleep when I needed him to read road signs, etc.

When I received the email invitation to spend July 4th in Ellijay, it was right after my son had asked me what I thought of his future bride; so it’s not exactly the best time to ask if she wants to ride with me to Ellijay.  (Actually, I haven’t heard from either one of them since Satuday night – June 25.  Wonder why?) 

Sunday morning, Bernie’s paternal uncle kindly lectured me on what I should have said Saturday night.  Where was he when I really needed that lecture?  He wisely told me I should have said she’s my favorite daughter-in-law which is so true because he’s my only son.  (I’ll keep that in mind for later — it’ll sure come in handy.)  Meanwhile I’m debating about placing an add in the classified:  WANTED – NAVIGATOR.

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I'm a philosopher, dreamer, poet, writer -- not necessarily in that order -- and I get to write it all down and share it with the world thanks to the Wonderful World Wide Web!
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