Live Life and Learn

I’ve been pondering for a few days wondering what I should write on my blog, but somehow nothing seemed appropriate.  I guess all my studying regarding “writing” is paying off because I’ve reached a point where I just don’t want to bore you with trivialities.

I had previously submitted to the 2011’s Hollywood Haiku Contest on the website, and was impatiently awaiting the results.  The contest closed May 30th and last night I searched their website for some kind of information regarding the contest.  Alas there was none.

I logged onto my computer this beautiful morning — still wondering about the contest, but instead of returning to their wonderful website, I checked my email.  Glory be, I had an email from the website stating exactly what I’d been hoping to see — I made it!  Moi’ was a runner-up in the contest!

I quickly “ran” my little fingers over the keys and typed in the link for the website; read all those wonderful posted movie poetry tidbits and finally came to mine.  Here is a link to their website if you wish to read these fantastic haikus.

Did I win?  Well yes and no.  I didn’t win the prize, but I won recognition and got my blog posted on their website which is in the UK (England).  Am I happy?  You betcha.  Now if I could just get some cold hard cash to go with these estatic feelings…

About sandrabranum

I'm a philosopher, dreamer, poet, writer -- not necessarily in that order -- and I get to write it all down and share it with the world thanks to the Wonderful World Wide Web!
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1 Response to Live Life and Learn

  1. JL Stratton says:

    Good for you Sandy. You are so deserving. Remember to give me a call if you would like to carpool to the writer’s group meeting tonight! Oh, just in case, our area code 379-7642

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