Ol’ Lando and Moi’

Lando Calrissian and I have a lot in common — we both try to do the right thing and often are misunderstood.  I can hear ol’ Lando now saying “It’s not my fault!”  To refresh your Star Wars memory Chewy is “cussing” Lando out in Wookie talk and Lando yells: “It’s not my fault!”

I know just how ol’ Lando feels — you see I’m on my 4th “family” doctor in 5 years!  The first one sent me a registered letter stating he could no longer treat me after I refused to go to the hospital and spend countless amounts of money on his scheduled procedures.  (The insurance would have only paid so much and I would have been required to pay the remainder).

The second doctor said he could no longer see me because I complained when his nurse used a pillow layed under my arm  and — NOT WEARING GLOVES — drew blood from me for a  test.  (She didn’t wash her hands either before drawing the blood from me).  When I challenged her about it; all she said was: “You don’t have an infectious disease, do you?”  It was then that I decided to talk to the doctor and much to my surprise, was told that I needed to find myself another doctor!  The man then wrote me a prescription for six months of medication and sent me on my unhappy way.

Doctor #3 just mailed me a letter stating that she is closing her practice and moving from The Wiregrass.  The letter said that she would stop seeing patients June 3, and since my appointment was scheduled for June 6 I decided to forego the scheduled May’s blood work.

Yesterday (April 20), I saw my new doctor’s physician assistant, and was told that someone would come to the room and get me for my blood work.  I waited and waited — and after sticking my head out the door three previous times — finally saw SOMEONE I could ask.  I was told they had called my name repeatedly and wondered where I was.  I chuckled and said I should have stuck my head out the door sooner.  Thus begins my liaison with Doctor #4 and his staff and as ol’ Lando would say:  “It’s not my fault!”

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I'm a philosopher, dreamer, poet, writer -- not necessarily in that order -- and I get to write it all down and share it with the world thanks to the Wonderful World Wide Web!
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