Where Are The Clowns When You Need ‘Em?

Today there was rain, hail, lightening and lots of thunder which so fit my mood.  As I spent the day pondering how much I wanted to log back onto the computer, I started pondering past family adventures.

Remembering Dad “clowning around” with the Ainad Shrine’s Crazy Clowns helped to brighten my mood.  I began to reminisce about all the money he spent and the aggravation he caused Mom with his clowning adventures.  How he spent a small fortune revamping Sue’s Schwinn Hornet bicycle into a tricycle.  (Mom stopped looking at the bills when the tally reached $1000.00 — and this was in the 1970’s!)

Dad had two regular clown outfits.  One was the traditional clown suit with the floppy collar and ruffles around the ankles which he complimented with bright orange suede shoes!  The other was a Safari outfit made up of khaki walking shorts, a safari shirt and long green socks.  He even went to his favorite store — Goodwill — and found a safari hat and a toy shotgun to complete his ensemble!

Still not satisfied with his clown accessories, he searched Goodwill stores throughout the St. Louis metropolitan area until he located a movable baby doll, which he promptly purchased for an undisclosed amount, and then happily took to a seamstress to have it properly fitted for its clown ensemble!  Once Dad had its little outfit, he took it to one of his artistic buddies and had the doll painted with face paint.  His little clown companion rode proudly on the back of his tricycle happily facing the crowd; its little plastic hand positioned in a wave. 

All the children loved the little baby doll so much that Dad went on another hunt at Goodwill stores to find the perfect alternate outfit for his little “clown” companion.  Dad searched through the Goodwill stores and was able to find a little safari hat and toy gun for the doll.  (We think Dad had the rest of the doll’s safari outfit handmade, but Mom never confirmed nor denied the little guy’s safari duds).

I remember attending a Parents Without Partners’ Dance in Belleville, IL one summer Saturday night and a group of Ainad’s Crazy Clowns arrived after Ainad’s Shrine Circus.  It was so funny seeing these grown “children” cavorting on the dance floor in their huge clown feet!  Luckily, they decided to just fast dance or one of these happy giants might have received a ride to the hospital.

Ah such fond memories — I wonder if there’s a circus close-by…

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I'm a philosopher, dreamer, poet, writer -- not necessarily in that order -- and I get to write it all down and share it with the world thanks to the Wonderful World Wide Web!
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