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Mouse Traps

These great hunters skulk around my legs and trip me As I go to feed the dogs. Some mousers… doing everything, but what they should. She says they can’t be caught and tamed, But I sorely have my doubts… Especially … Continue reading

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Ploy or Not – Good Question

To paraphrase Shakespeare:  A ploy or not a ploy… That is a very good question.  Could the Wikileaks “leaks” have been a planned conspiracy to ensure Hillary Clinton would not run in the 2012 Presidential election?  And if so, was … Continue reading

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I’m tethered to this oxygen tank Like a horse tied to a hitching post. We are inseparable this tank and I, but this was not my doing. You see the doctor decreed that this must be; So here we are … Continue reading

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Mistake or Planned “Accident”?

Movie stars have been using this tactic since who knows when, but today Senator Michael Bennet “accidentally” had his microphone on when he whispered: “It’s all rigged.  The whole conversation is rigged.”  Filibusters have been an integral part of the … Continue reading

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Across The Driveway

She looked through the window with clouded eyes across the driveway as she surmised: What is she doing up so late at this ungodly hour? The phone then rang and startled her as she wondered: Now what’s happened? She picked up … Continue reading

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