Where’s the Moon Rocks?

Christopher “Kit” Bond accidentally confiscated Missouri’s Apollo 17 Moon Rock when he left the Governor’s Office on his way to the US Senate.  In December, 2010 while packing up his Senate office the 5 million dollar rock was discovered.  Can you imagine having 5 million dollars just lying around anywhere?  The Senator quickly returned the wayward rock, and that’s the end of the story; or is it? 

Each State was given a moon rock, but not all of them are accounted for.  Two other former Governors took their moon rocks when they left office.  I wonder if they know the locations of their rocks.

Here’s a link to an article written by Beverly Bright stating which states know where their rocks are located.  http://www.suite101.com/content/nasa-moon-rocks-gifted-to-states-and-provinces-a210785

Does anybody know where Alabama’s is?  I would surely like to look at 5 million dollars, wouldn’t you?

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I'm a philosopher, dreamer, poet, writer -- not necessarily in that order -- and I get to write it all down and share it with the world thanks to the Wonderful World Wide Web!
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