Sue What!

Well it’s finally happened – someone is suing McDonald’s because of their Happy Meals!  Seems Ms. Monet Parham’s little children coerce her into going to McDonald’s for Happy Meals and according to the article “the meals often get cold while her kids play with the toys instead of eating.”  She gets tired of saying “No” to the little kiddies and just can’t tear those mean old toys away from them.  Poor Mommy!

McDonald’s started selling these meals in June, 1979.   They were being sold when my son was little.  Guess I must have been a mean old mom because I was able to get the toys away from him.  Of course he was raised in an atmosphere of corporal punishment – a hand smack in time kills misbehavior.  I was so mean. 

One time my ornery boy lay down in a puddle of muddy water and wouldn’t get up.  My little love was a husky boy — from good German stock — and when he wouldn’t get up I started spanking him through his winter coat.  (I told you – I was a mean single working Momma).

 When I heard about the lawsuit this morning, my first reaction was: you’ve got to be kidding!  Then I started remembering raising my son and some of the tough times we had, but I managed to get through them without resorting to a lawsuit.  Of course McDonald’s was an occasional treat for him; so he really appreciated it.

 One time I was preparing to take him to McDonald’s and while I was in the bathroom, the little stinker dialed 911!  We were just walking out the door when a police officer arrived and told me that someone had called 911.  I said that was impossible, and then the epiphany arrived!  I looked toward my son and asked if he had done that.  He very reluctantly confessed.  After the officer left, I firmly told young Mr. Bogus caller that I was not taking him to McDonald’s because that would be condoning his behavior.  Believe me; I had one unhappy kid on my hands.  Perhaps Ms. Parham should try being a meanie too and stop her frivolous lawsuit before she gets laughed out of court.

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I'm a philosopher, dreamer, poet, writer -- not necessarily in that order -- and I get to write it all down and share it with the world thanks to the Wonderful World Wide Web!
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