Exorcists, Anyone?

Remember the movie, The Exorcist?  Linda Blair’s head spinning around and her spewing green gunk – supposedly pea soup so “they” said – all over the priests?  Scary stuff then, but we knew it wasn’t real; or did we?

Well today, I found an Associated Press article by Rachel Zoll about a two day training session being held in Baltimore on how to train the clergy to conduct exorcisms.  Linda Blair would be so proud. 

Now I know some of you will think this silly, but evil does exist.  Perhaps not in the way that these Catholic priests believe, but if you doubt me, just read the newspapers, i.e. murder, mayhem, child disappearances… The list goes on.

Today in these modern times, educated people (namely Americans, it seems) are skeptical of this age old evil.  Learned people believe that everything can be explained by Science, but that is not really true.  Some things just have to be taken on Faith like the ideas of:  the Earth being round until it was proven; atoms existing before we could “see” them; man being able to fly… This list also goes on. 

 I am happy and somehow relieved to know that our priests are studying and trying to improve – just as we should try to do.  Perhaps in time, the evil that has permeated the world and the Catholic Church will be exorcised, and our children will be safe from pedophiles and other evils.

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I'm a philosopher, dreamer, poet, writer -- not necessarily in that order -- and I get to write it all down and share it with the world thanks to the Wonderful World Wide Web!
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1 Response to Exorcists, Anyone?

  1. I just recently read in a news article, the the Catholic Church announced that they need to increase their performance of exorcisms. I suppose that goes right along with the article you read about training being provided.

    Remember the movie “Ghostbusters?” All this paranormal activity seems to increase just before something big happens. I’m just sayin’.

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