Zombies vs. Vampires, Oh My!

I have heard of zombies and vampires being used as metaphors, but using them to refer to the economy is a bit much, don’t you think?  Yet today I read a story on AOL referring to using zombies and vampires to chart the economy.  That’s enough to take the “fun” out of; or is it put more “scare” into zombies and vampires!

The idea that when the economy is good, people run to the store and spend their hard earned dollars like zombies gorging on whatever they can get their hands on – or is it mouths –  just seems ludicrous.

Most people would be smart enough to save a little money for a rainy day and not squander it all; or would they?  Can we afford to have a wait and see attitude in the wake of all this recession/mock depression?  (I guess it depends on where you’re standing – like inside the window sill; or outside on the ledge).

To think that vampires reflect the dark times of having no money; which equates to no spending is beyond my comprehension.  I can understand the idea that vampires are dark, shadowy creatures that only come out at night, but not in today’s context.

Today’s vampires can walk in sunlight and dress in trendy clothes; so how can they represent a lack of spending?  Will someone please explain this to me before I lose what it left of my Halloween Spirit?

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I'm a philosopher, dreamer, poet, writer -- not necessarily in that order -- and I get to write it all down and share it with the world thanks to the Wonderful World Wide Web!
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1 Response to Zombies vs. Vampires, Oh My!

  1. James says:

    Maybe with the Vampire correlation, they are referring to the way vampires suck the life out of a person.

    Not sure where the Zombie reference comes in, or how it relates. Maybe it’s just because Zombies are the up and coming trend. Jeeze, I’m not looking forward to that. We’ve already turned the traditional Vampire horror into teenage romantic angst. What’s going to happen with Zombies. Can you imagine a young adult romance centered around a teenage girl’s love of a Zombie and his desire to overcome his natural desire to eat her brains in order to protect her from other Zombies?

    Our current Vampire teenage romance has been reduced to a teenage girl’s conflicting choice between necrophelia and beastiality.

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