Driving with the Geckos

You’ve probably heard of “running with the bulls” — a yearly event that happens in Pamplona, Spain where men of questionable sanity (strictly my opinion) run for their lives through the town’s streets as they’re chased by stampeding bulls.

My story is not as exciting, but you “Northerners” reading this might find it as interesting; so I shall begin…

It all started 5 years ago when I first moved to the Dothan, AL area.  The only gecko I had seen was the famous one from the Geico commercials.  Real geckos are not always green with yellow bellies.  Some are brown, and one day I saw one that was so big I mistook if for a snake… until I realized it had legs.  Fortunately for me, after my panic attack was over I realized that it had been as scared as I … and that’s why it moved so fast down the ramp.

Today I approached my car for my 16 mile (round) trip to the grocery store.  A lone, little green gecko scurried across my windshield and buried himself into the wiper blade crevice.  After seeing these pesky varmints for 5 years; retrieving them from my dog’s water bucket; removing them from my bedroom, and watching them scurry across the porch out of my way, I’m not that disturbed by them.  Fortunately I have not seen another “snake like” one and hope I never do.

I waited patiently for my little stowaway to vacate the area; climbed into my car and headed for the grocery store.  As Sophia (Ma) from the Golden Girls would say:  “Picture this”… that little varmint climbed onto my side mirror!  I looked at him; he looked at me and then he disappeared.  In my defense I must say, I was not driving that fast and I truly hope that the little varmint jumped and did not fly off my side mirror.  Thus ends my sordid tale of driving with the geckos… until next time.

About sandrabranum

I'm a philosopher, dreamer, poet, writer -- not necessarily in that order -- and I get to write it all down and share it with the world thanks to the Wonderful World Wide Web!
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1 Response to Driving with the Geckos

  1. James says:

    Ha, that’s funny. My son and his friends used to find those things and squeeze the sides of their heads until their little mouths opened up. The boys would then attach the little creatures to their earlobes and wearthem like earrings. I know, I sometimes think to myself, “There is no way that boy could of come from my loins.”

    Anyway, I cracked up laughing at your story. I can just imagine that little lizard hanging onto the side mirror, enjoying the wind, and sticking its little tongue out like a dog to catch the breeze. Or, I guess it could’ve just fallen off the side of the car and you ran it over–that’s something to think about.

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